FBI Fingerprints Criminal Background/Record Check- November 14, 2013

Had fingerprints done at the local sheriff’s office.  Took less than 10 minutes total and it only cost $5 for two cards (same price for one or two so I had two made).

NOTE: Call ahead to check the price and bring cash!  Maybe they are all different, but my local office preferred cash (NO credit/debit cards).

Also, check their schedule.  They may only provide fingerprint services on certain days (my office only offered them twice a week).

My local office had the federal fingerprint forms on card stock already, but printing at home on card stock from the following link would have worked as well (I asked):


This is how I filled them out (time will tell if I did these wrong!)-

  • Signature of person fingerprinted (signed in presence of officer and then he checked my ID)
  • Residence of person fingerprinted
  • Date/Signature of official (filled out by officer)
  • Employer address (I am currently a full-time student so I put student and my university. NOTE: I just read that I probably should have left this blank.  Hope it’s not a problem!)
  • Reason for fingerprinting (work overseas- South Korea)
  • Printed full name
  • Aliases (I put my full maiden name and identified it as such)
  • Citizenship (U.S.A.)
  • Social Security number (Filled this in but left all other “number” boxes blank)
  • ORI (blank)
  • SEX/RACE/HGT height/WGT weight/EYES color/HAIR color (filled these all out)
  • Date of Birth DOB (filled out)
  • Place of Birth POB (filled out)


I completed the application from this link:



Use the checklist:


Purchase a money order or cashier’s check or fill out credit card form (I purchased a postal money order since I was going to be there anyway.  I read on someone’s blog that they had problems after their credit card was stolen and cancelled before the FBI could process their CBC. Ouch.)

Write a letter of request that the CBC be authenticated.  I put the date and wrote what it would be used for and where and that my next step was to have the record check apostilled (well, technically it will be notarized FIRST…) and asked them to authenticate the document with an official seal/signature.  Printed my name, phone, email, home address, and signed it.  Oh, and used please and thank you!   =)

I put the request letter, completed application, two completed fingerprint cards, and postal money order in a manila envelope and mailed it.  I also purchased the signature confirmation so I would be able to track how long it takes to get there (from Pacific Northwest) and how long the entire process takes.  The postmistress assured me that it would be fine to require signature confirmation… fingers crossed.  It seems like they would be terribly busy back there…

Next up:

1- Research Power of Attorney

2- Research notary services (bank may offer this to members)

3- Wait (and wait and wait some more)


1- MSED studies

2- TEFL studies.  If you are serious about learning all that you can then it’s a lot more work than you might think for the online 140-hour online certification through TEFL Educator.  The grammar booklet is a good one for quick reference if you already have a go-to grammar book.  Still, take the time to complete all of the exercises in it.  It is never a waste of time to review grammar!  Maybe the schools won’t accept this certificate but it has some good information and I am getting all that I can from it.  I don’t and won’t ever regret learning of any kind.

3- Losing weight.  It seems as though few people mention losing weight in their blogs on teaching in Korea.  Maybe everyone is already at their healthiest weight when they start the process?  Maybe I just haven’t come across the ‘right’ blogs? Maybe… people don’t really want to say that they are a bit pudgy and want to look their best before submitting pictures and doing skype interviews…   But admittedly, I AM a bit pudgy and I DO want to look better!  I figure I already have my age working against me so I’m doing all that I can to give myself an edge.  This includes getting my hair freshened up with a few highlights a couple of weeks before I get my picture taken and exercising more! 


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