Feeling Lighter- November 23, 2013

Weight loss so far is 10.5 pounds over four weeks.  A few things I’m doing at this point:

1,200 calories on the days I exercise and 1,000 on the days I don’t.

Drinking a lot of unsweetened bori cha (roasted barley tea)!  I was probably drinking 400 calories a day just in deliciously creamy and sweet coffee before.

Exercising 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Cutting back, way back, on bread.  “Man cannot live on bread alone…”  Funny, thing… I can… but it gave me wobbly bits.

Eating apples instead of pumpkin pie.  *sigh*

Eating more vegetables.  Quickly tossing broccoli, snap peas, carrots, onions, and fresh spinach in a pan on fairly high heat with just a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of pepper and salt is delicious.  Sometimes I toss cubed sweet potato in the pan first and once that is cooked through, add the rest.  Fortunately, it’s something the family will eat.

Using a tip I found online: One day I just wrote down ’60’ on the calendar and started a countdown from there.  It’s just a mental game since there’s really nothing waiting after the countdown except a healthier me (not that that’s not worth it…) but it helps to tell myself, “Okay, I only have 52 more days to go.  I can do this!  I don’t need berry strudels!”

Pinch my earlobes.  Huh?  It’s a soothing mechanism I probably started as a baby but realized one day that I was doing it as I successfully walked away from the bakery section of the grocery store…  hmmmmm…

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