First Application Packet- November 25, 2013

Submitted my first application package today.  It took me two days just to write my cover letter and then once I sent it I noticed more things I wanted to tweak.

I wonder if months down the road I’ll look back and laugh when I remember the first one…but not the dozens that came after it?  O.o

Oh, and she was surprisingly prompt.  Receipt was confirmed within a few hours and she said she would look it over then contact me next week(ish).    So that was a nice surprise.  No wondering if all that writing is just hanging around up in the ‘cloud’ somewhere. 

But then again, I’m sure she hadn’t noticed my age yet (oh holy mother, am I a victim of ageism from myself?)!

Read that there is a hep A/typhoid combo vaccine so I’ll probably just get that.

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