Word Puzzles and Deliciousness- November 22, 2013

This is fantastic:


Finished the first (big) lesson plan.  Thirteen pages including the handouts.  Yikes.  I don’t know if that’s normal… I think as I go on my lesson plans will become less detailed.  No, I’m SURE of it!

(UPDATE: Extremely useful feedback from Mr. T at TEFL Educator.  I am a strong proponent of online education to begin with so for anyone that can’t stomach the thought of online components in TEFL courses then just close your eyes when I mention it… *^^*  I am seriously excited about actually using attempting to use the lesson plans I’m creating during this process!)

And this is how you lose weight…okay, okay, not really.  I made these before I started losing. =D




My first homemade kimchi – too much ginger but the Savoy kept it nice and crunchy for as long as it lasted (which wasn’t long enough)!

My favorite Korean market used to have their own homemade kimchi (well, so they claimed, but it was delicious so I didn’t really mind one way or the other) and instead of returning the jar for the deposit, I kept it.   It was the perfect size for kimchi made with one head of cabbage.  =)

Sadly, an overzealous recycler threw it in the bin.

Note: I mostly followed Maangchi’s directions.


Luckily H-Mart had a gigantic (seriously humongous) jar of kimchi on sale for 8.99 so that’s what’s in the fridge right now (and will be for a looong time)!

Kimchi fried rice (bokkeumbap)

is the perfect breakfast food but nobody else in the house seems to appreciate it.  O.o


I always toss a little sugar in- maybe a tablespoon if it’s a large pan of rice.

(Insert Daffy Duck’s voice:  DahROOL DahROOL!)

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