Interview Questions

HepA immunization is done!  Ouch.

This is a list of questions I’ve gleaned from various forum posts (Dave’s ESL Cafe, mostly) and blogs about applying for jobs teaching English in South Korea.  I’m going through and answering all the questions and then printing them out, along with a copy of my application, so that I will have things fresh in my mind for my first interview (!!!) next week.

Why do you want to teach?

Give us three reasons why (name of program/school) should consider you for a position.

Why did you choose those specific professors/supervisors to do your letters of recommendation?

(If you don’t have any teaching experience) You don’t seem to have any teaching experience. Do you have any volunteer work that ties in to helping children with English?

There are many English Teaching opportunities throughout the world.  Why are you considering Korea?

What do you know about technology that can help in a classroom setting?

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Tell me about yourself?

What specifically do you know about Korean culture?

What specifically do you know about this program/school?

What do you expect to be the most difficult part about coming to Korea?

How will you deal with home sickness?

What are your greatest strengths as a teacher?

What is your greatest weakness as a teacher?

Tell us about your relationships with your two references?

How would you encourage a very shy co-teacher that sits at the back of the class and is not confident with her English?

How would you deal/handle a confident Korean co-teacher who makes mistakes in class that the students pick up on?

How will you handle a co-teacher who always criticizes your teaching style and would prefer for you to use his/hers?

How would you teach/deal with rude/misbehaved students?

How would you teach a group of students that have very different abilities?

Tell me about your educational philosophy?

Tell me why you have considered ________ as your ideal choice to be placed?

Height and weight in inches/cm and lbs/kg.

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