Notarized copy of degree

Another to-do list item has been crossed off!

I now have two notarized copies of my degree.

My credit union has several notary public officers on staff so there was no appointment or waiting necessary, just a walk-in service (I called just to make sure!).

I brought with me:

  • original degree
  • driver’s license for ID
  • my own copies (not necessary in this case)
  • and a smile.

I did make her life a little difficult since most of the information I had read beforehand showed that the notary information was stamped across the degree copy then signed/dated.  However, here they only had a slip of paper that would be filled out and stapled to the copy.  That didn’t seem very official and I had visions of my documents being rejected.  =(

What finally wound up happening was that this very patient and kind woman took my degree and copied it alongside the slip of paper she normally would have stapled to the document and then signed/dated in ink and officially stamped it with her seal.  I wrote my name and signed underneath (in between the degree and the official slip).

It was all free and I got two notarized copies that were much better copies than the ones I had brought with me!

Next, I called the state office just to make sure this was all exactly what they needed and the answer was YES!

So, on Monday I will head to the FedEx office and ship it out along with:

  1. a prepaid, self-addressed express envelope
  2. completed official application form from the state website
  3. a cover letter with the following information
  • Apostille request
  • Date:
  • Name:
  • Phone:
  • E-mail:
  • Country where documents will be sent:
  • Instructions for returning documents:
  • Signature:

The state office said both on the application and verbally that FedEx is best as it goes directly to their office and doesn’t sit in a mail distribution/sorting facility.  And it’s faster.  =)

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