Interview went well!

The interview went very well and I seem to recall that I was hand dancing a little right before we hung up from Skype.  I think she was laughing so hopefully that’s a good thing…  =D  The interview lasted for over an hour and there were a few moments where I lost my train of thought just a bit.  I really should have taken a second to write down the basic wording of the question while ‘gathering my thoughts’.

But I can do that for the NEXT INTERVIEW!  Yay!  =)

What I did to prep this morning for the Skype interview:

Ate a very light breakfast and had NO caffeine

Re-checked the lighting

Re-checked the sound

Double checked the settings so that the headset was selected for both the microphone and speakers

Adjusted the chair to center it

Moved webcam up higher (since I had it on top if the monitor I just put two books under the monitor itself)

Re-checked the background (Shoji screen behind me since the webcam faced out into the living room)

Did my makeup and hair and then checked it on the webcam for wash-out

Checked my teeth!

Taped a big sign over the doorbell DO NOT RING DOORBELL PLEASE!

Put the dog outside

Got two cups of water- one hot and one cold

Checked my email for any last minute changes to interview time

Turned my phone on silent but put it where I could see in case she called, instead

Went to the bathroom.  Twice.

Grabbed a box of tissues, just in case

Taped a smiley face on the wall behind the computer

Read through my application, resume, educational philosophy (written previously), letter of interest, and LOR’s

Told myself, I am prepared, I am calm, I am ready.

The interviewer was fantastic!  She really put me at ease and most of my nerves disappeared within the first 10 minutes.

Now, I just wait for the follow-up interview in 2-3 weeks.

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