Secretary of State Apostille…

Just checked the FedEx status of my documents (two notarized copies of degree) and they were delivered yesterday morning.  Phew!

But wait, there’s more…

They also shipped SOMETHING back to me the same day!  It’s out on the delivery truck heading towards me RIGHT NOW.

Is this good or bad?  Did I royally mess up somewhere along the line and they are throwing the whole mess back at me to fix?

Or did they really finish up that quickly?  That would be amazing.  =D

In the meantime, I refuse to leave the house while I wait for that shiny truck to rumble up my street.

This reminds me of a movie… and there’s a scene in it that really captures the essence of this whole process.

Preparing to teach English is South Korea is just. like. this…

UPDATE:  YES!!!  Two apostilled copies of my diploma just arrived!  I had to look up examples of what the ‘right’ documents would look like because, of course, I started worrying that I ordered the wrong thing somehow… Good grief.

Mine looks like a sheet of paper stapled over the top of my notarized copy that certifies it is a public document of my state, name of notary, the date, city of Secretary of State office, some number that I have to assume is important *^^*, the state seal (black and white) and signature of S.o.S, and a colored stamp/state seal that has been stamped across both the apostille page AND the diploma copy so that, together, they make a complete seal.

So, three days total start to finish.  Not bad.  Makes up for the Federal CBC wait time. ha.

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