Aaaaaannnnnd DONE! TEFL 140-hour

TEFL certificate is finished (edit: by finished, I mean that I have scanned copies of my certificates and the hard copies will be mailed out in the next couple of days)!  I tried to figure the hours spent and it probably only took about 130 hours total.  Out of that 130, probably 90 hours were intense reading/lesson plan development and the others… well, I may or may not have allowed myself to get sidetracked now and again as I looked through ESL websites.

Overall, I averaged a little over 2 hours a day on all 5 parts plus the written exam portion.  I figured if I’m paying for it I might as well get everything I can out of it!  It feels wonderful to have that behind me.

Could you complete this in less time?  Probably- if you already knew everything and were just going through the motions for the certificate.  However, if you were intent on learning everything possible and developing unique, and usable, lesson plans then I would say give yourself at least 6 weeks.  Also, you will get very helpful feedback on all of your lesson plans.  I submitted mine one at a time as I completed them and the feedback was extremely helpful in fine-tuning each lesson.

My final interview is set for this week.

I am prepared.

I am calm.

I am ready.

(Okay… not *really* calm!!!  So excited!!!)

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