A Grand Adventure- Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village

Sooner than expected, I have been offered a contract to teach English in South Korea with my first choice program.  I have accepted and will be starting the visa process soon.

However, I’m still waiting on the Federal CBC to come through so everything rests on that for now.

When I first started looking at where I wanted to work I made a check list of ‘wants’ and narrowed down the programs/locations using this.  Jeollanamdo was second on my list and where I would have applied to next had my first choice not worked out.

Huh, I just realized how very calm, cool, and collected I sound about the whole thing.

Believe me, I’m not.  *^^*  This is so exciting but there’s a lot that still has to be taken care of before they send me a plane ticket!

First and foremost… starting winter term classes on Monday…

I’ll continue working on my MSED:IT while in Korea and need to be at least a week ahead (hopefully, two!) by the middle of the term so I have some ‘wiggle room’ while I get settled in.

This will be a Grand Adventure!

2 thoughts on “A Grand Adventure- Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village

  1. Hi! I just got a message from the same school and was just wondering if you’ve stated with them yet or not, or what your experience had been with them so far? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Please accept my apology for not responding to this comment until now! I’ve since updated the blog with a long breakdown of how things went while I was there. *^^*

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