WHOOPS! Or Not! (U.S. Residency Certification- IRS form 8802)

From what I can tell, the IRS form 8802 (U.S. Residency Certification) to avoid double taxation only applies to PUBLIC SCHOOL employees so not exactly necessary for me.

Fortunately, there is a phone number for the IRS Help Desk so that the payment can be cancelled… What a doofus I am.

IRS Help Desk:  (267) 941-1000

Application Form PDF:  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8802.pdf

Application Instructions PDF:  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i8802.pdf

Helpful information on the CR should you need it:


Update (I edit/update my posts a lot, so I’m hoping there aren’t update notices emailed to everyone following this blog- that might get annoying for you!  If so, I apologize!):

Getting things squared away-

My local stationery store has a plethora of legal forms and I was able to get a long-form durable General Power of Attorney for $5.  Sure, researching and typing up my own would have been free but also time consuming.

Purchasing one that was pre-printed on nice paper and only used about 3 minutes of my day seemed like a good use of my time and money.  Definitely worth $5 for the convenience.

Notary service at my bank is free and easy so it will be a simple procedure.

Typhoid vaccination:  Taken care of at my local pharmacy!  Apparently, the oral vaccine requires a prescription (so… doctor visit, extra expense, extra time!) but the injection does not.  If you live in a rural area your vaccine may have to be ordered in.  Allow several days for this.

My insurance covered approximately half of the cost and around here the bottle of vaccine alone is about $95 (not including the associated costs for administering the vaccine which were about $15).

My total out-of-pocket expense for the injectable typhoid vaccine was $60.

Flu shot:  Again, local pharmacy.  $12.

Also, I’ve made an appointment to have a little dental work done before I leave.  I’ve been putting off having a filling replaced, even though it aches, and I finally realized that the last thing I need is an emergency dental visit in the middle of trying to get settled in over there!

Information for wire transfer of funds to my bank:  I went in asking for a SWIFT code but what I got was the routing number for their ‘middle man’ (correspondent institution).  I’m not sure if there is more information that I need beyond this, other than my account and routing numbers, so I will check into this again soon.

It seems as though incoming wire transfers from Korea are not exactly common around here…and I’m pretty sure the information is typed up in Comic Sans (!?!).

But they were nice so I tried not to look ‘askance’ at the paper- not until I was back out in the car, anyway.  ;o)

Update 2:

The wait is over!  FBI Criminal Record Check arrived.  ~7 weeks from when the paperwork was accepted at their facility in Clarksburg, WV.

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