Packing and drugs…

One of the things that impressed me when first reading about DGEV and UCCS was the support system a new teacher is offered before s/he ever steps foot on campus.  I have been set up with a ‘buddy’ (a current teacher that has been with DGEV for a while) and she has been gracious enough to give me some useful tips!

Here are just a few from friends, my buddy, and elsewhere:

  • Bring a step-down voltage converter if you are from a country that normally uses 110V.  Korea is on 220V.  Reading up on the internet, apparently some things can be plugged in to the outlets over there just using a plug adapter but I would rather not take a chance on my things being fried!  Also, don’t bother bringing a hair dryer/curling or flat iron/etc.  Just buy them over there.  No electrical problems that way.  Easy Peasy.
  • Bring a grounded plug adapter.  Korean outlets have two rounded prongs-


  • Shoes- unless you wear a size US8/EU38.5/UK5.5 or smaller, avoid the hassle and bring whatever shoes you’ll need for the year.

(Update:  I just received my order from this company and these flats are incredibly comfortable, cute, and weigh next to nothing!  Also, they are machine washable which means I can wear them without socks in the summer.  Yay!  Note: I am not affiliated with this company in any way.)


  • Clothing- pack 1/3 cold weather and 2/3 warm weather items  (sleeveless clothing is considered inappropriate but I do have some for under other tops)
  • And you’ve read it a dozen times already- but wear your heaviest items on the plane
  • Bring 1 bag for laptop/electronics and stuff your purse items in there (pack a purse or just buy one when you get over there)
  • Bring 1 carry-on bag (weight under 10kg/22lbs and sum of measurements = less than 115cm/45in)
  • Check 2 bags less than 50 pounds each and sum of measurements = less than 158cm/62in each
  • Just pony up the dough for an extra checked suitcase if your airfare only includes one free checked bag


  • Written prescriptions from your doctor if you need them (glasses/medication)
  • Enough money to get you through the first month (you will most likely pay for the health exam and a few other expenses plus household/personal items).  People seem to be recommending $400-$500 (or more).
  • Set of jersey-fabric sheets (I have twin XL since it will fit on regular, as well)
  • (Update) US-size bath towel
  • Tweezers!
  • Wrist watch
  • Mini photo album with pictures of friends and family (old school- printed ones!)
  • (Update) Cold medicine!  My DGEV buddy sent me a note about this and I noticed there were some incredibly good sales on my favorites so went ahead and stocked up today.  I think I have enough to last me a year… if not longer.
  • (Update) Hair color.  =)
  • (Update) Snacks for first few days or so.

Something else I’m keeping in mind- there will be a drug test and apparently the acid blocker ranitidine (found in Zantac) occasionally produces a false positive for methamphetamine!?!  Since that’s what I usually use to treat my symptoms (the Zantac, not the meth) I’ll definitely be avoiding heartburn triggers.

Dividing my shoes/clothing/misc fairly evenly between my bags so if one is lost or delayed then I have the same types of things in my other bag.  Also, carry-on/computer bag have the most important items plus a couple outfits- just in case!

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