Waiting patiently on the VIN…

Hahahahaha OooohHAHAHAhahahaha! “Patiently” my arse.  =D  I’ve read that people from the U.S. have a reputation for being impatient so I suppose it’s only to be expected that I would be chomping at the bit for that magic number to come through.  The minute it does show up in my inbox then I’ll have to rush to overnight the visa app to the nearest Korean Consulate General (making sure it arrives on a business day) and include a pre-paid envelope to have it sent express right back.  

Cutting it a little close but by golly it just adds to the excitement of it all…right? 

After contacting the consulate to confirm the necessary documents for the E-2 (E-21, private employment) visa, this is what Ms. Kim from the Seattle location had to say:

If you would like to submit your visa application by mail, please send us the following:

1. visa application with the visa issuance number written at the top
2. actual passport
3. 1 passport photo
4. $45 cash or money order only
5. prepaid return envelope with a tracking number.

It usually takes 2-3 business days, a week at the most, to process and return your finished visa.


Fairly simple considering they could have required a truckload of documents.

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