There’s a tentacle stuck to my sock…

South Korea has been my home-away-from-home for about a week and a half now and the jet lag and general overwhelmingness (wait…is that even a word?) has mostly subsided.  I was extremely fortunate in that my first week here was spent doing paperwork, immigration, hospital checkup, etc. but I also was able to observe various teachers in their classrooms which was fantastic!  I took notes like crazy and observed some very talented people doing their job extremely well.  *^^*

This week has been ‘professional development’ week, so no students and lots of meetings.  Again, great for me because I was able to pick up a lot of tips on how to teach in this unique school.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed at first but the last couple of days have felt a change…I’m just more than ready to get. on. with. it!

Well, almost ready.  I wouldn’t have wanted to skip today in my rush to be in the classroom. Today, the Korean staff took the foreign staff on an adventure to Posco Steel Industries for a tour.  The Posco Steel guide had excellent English skills, but I’m still trying to figure out the accents.  I know I have far to go because I’m pretty sure she said that chrome is made out of nickels and prunes…  Anyway, the staff also took us out for a delicious meal at a restaurant in Pohang and oh my gosh, the food just kept coming in waves.  We were all bursting at the seams!  Then it was on to Homigot Sunrise Square near Pohang city.

Beautiful day, wonderful people, fabulous food.

(Thinking back… the highlight of my day had to have been at the restaurant just after the meal had finished and everyone was scrambling to put their shoes back on and head for the bus… as I was walking across the floor I kept feeling something stuck to my sock.  I probably looked like a cat with tape on its hind paw, trying to shake it off.  Finally, when I got to the shoe area at the entrance I looked on the bottom of my purple hosiery, expecting to flick rice off of my foot.  I had to laugh.  Oh, Korea.  Because of your delicious cuisine, I had a little tentacle stuck to my sock…)

The ROK is treating me well.


5 thoughts on “There’s a tentacle stuck to my sock…

  1. Nice write up, Cami. I’ve been hoping you’d keep posting on this blog and look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey! Niece, Cami-I am with Tom. Hope you can keep posting; even if it is a one liner! And, a pic or two!

  3. I love all the information you have shared here! LOVE the pics! Gives us a little in sight to where you live. Sounds like you are feeling much better. GREAT!!! The drinks sound yummy. Wonder if they have them here ?????
    Glad that Kaya sent you a treat. Take care and you will be hearing from us!! Love you LOADS!!!!!!!

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