Struggling to understand the Korean government right now…

Because of decisions made in ‘The House’, there are many teachers charged with revamping physical education lesson plans in order to phase out group physical activity.  You know, to keep the children safe.  We ALL want the children to be safe.  We do.  But we want them to enjoy themselves, too….  Can it be done?  We have yet to see….  Are we up to the challenge?  Absolutely!  But dang….seriously now?  *sigh*

Still, I love Korea.  I’m exploring a little farther each time I go out and finding new things to love and new things to go hmmmmmmm about.

On Children’s Day this year I was visiting friends in Seoul and we went to Insadeong- as did what felt like a good 1/3 of South Korea.


Children's Day, Insadeong
Children’s Day, Insadeong

There are opportunities to participate in some fun crafts and my friends and I sat down at a little table and did some wood carving/engraving at this workshop.  It was a fantastic experience!



Woodcarving (engraving?), Insadeong
Woodcarving (engraving?) workshop, Insadeong

On to more mundane things, I’ve been on a quest for unscented hairspray but have only been marginally successful.  I did find an aerosol spray at HomePlus that is only lightly scented.  It says, “Olive Essence- Helps maintain and protect styles all day long time.”  Yeah, so I might be laughing at the translation a little bit…  Anyway, it works- if you use at least 3 coats.  Also, did I mention it’s aerosol?  Not a big fan of that. Tends to gum up my lungs.  So, that will be my emergency can.

I also found out that what I previously assumed was only hair perfume at Daiso is actually spray!  I was going through and sniffing each scent and came to one that smelled kinda funky- like hairspray.  Turned the bottle over and it said:

Super Hard Water Spray
Super Hard Water Spray

So, now I know to stop looking for the word “Hairspray” and start paying attention to anything in English that even remotely looks like “Hard Water” (there actually are often random English words here and there on products so this just might work)!  It kind of makes sense since in the states we think of ‘hard water’ as being full of minerals and such so if it’s just water that’s full of “stuff” then the hairspray is totally hard water.

Random happiness is fabulous and I found a piece in Chilgok:

I love seeing little bits of happy here and there.  Chilgok.
I love seeing little bits of happy here and there. Chilgok.

Happy U.S. Mother’s Day, everyone!

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