Back to normal… well, almost.

The ferry accident is never far from anyone’s mind but things are slowly beginning to settle around here.  The students are arriving once again even if there are more one-day programs than before, but that’s alright.  The P.E. class conundrum has been resolved for the most part through some aggressively creative lesson planning by a team of teachers here so physical education classes have resumed.  We have some new teachers arriving, semi-new settling in (like myself), and several teachers that have either already left or are in the process.  It makes me wonder what it’s like for the long term folks around here to constantly watch this revolving door bringing people into their lives and then right back out again.


On a happier note, I have discovered some interesting food choices when out and about.

Dominoes Pizza for the first time since I’ve been here.  It’s overpriced but worth it one time.  It helps if you divvy it up.  I got a pack that had a medium pizza, chicken tenders, ‘secret sticks’ (it was and ever shall remain a complete mystery to me what those things are made of), mini corndogs, garlic chicken wings, and plain roasted potatoes for about 25-26,000 won.  It’s a lot to plunk down all at once if you’re used to 2,000won tteokbokki but it definitely will last through 4 or 5 meals.  I guess if I look at it that way it’s really not that expensive… Well, anyway, here’s a pic of the potato, bacon, mushroom, and corn pizza with a swirl of mayo on top for good measure.  And actually- I kinda liked the corn!  Didn’t think I would, but I did.  And this one is good cold for breakfast.  ;o)

Dominoes Potato, Bacon, Corn, and Mayo
Dominoes: Potato, Bacon, Corn, Mushroom, and Mayo



Another interesting find-  mock strawberries!   I was out taking a walk and found a patch of these by chance.  I thought they were strawberries but after testing them out they tasted more like…well, not much really.  Maybe a very bland blueberry.  Anyway, it made me giggle to find them.  They’re so tiny and cute!


Speaking of tiny and cute:

Saves on gas...
Saves on gas…


And speaking of speaking:  Vocal cord nodules are a real thing and they are annoying.  The ENT is inexpensive here, though, so I went in to see what was up with this constant hoarseness (to the point of totally losing my voice at the end of the day) and had her poke around in there with her camera.  Prednisolone, Ilaprazole, and resting my voice were her answer so I’m trying to stick to the plan.   It’s really hard not to talk in this profession… but I was able to teach this morning with marginal success.  Okay, maybe ‘success’ is too strong of a word… but I didn’t want to use up my vacation time so the poor students had to suffer through my sign language, white board writing, and computer-aided vocalizations for pronunciation.

I have to work on breathing techniques and be more protective of my voice from here on out.  I love being silly in the classroom and singing and making sound effects, but have to learn new ways to still teach like ‘me’ without shredding my cords!


2 thoughts on “Back to normal… well, almost.

  1. Thanks for the update, Cam. Even your food reviews are entertaining. Be careful of too much Prednisolone. I know you want to be 100% quickly but it’s a type of steroid and too much won’t be good.

    You mentioned ‘long term’ teachers. What are the lengths of service that you’ve seen?

    1. Thanks. I should spend more time working out posts that are masterpieces but am lucky to get anything written at all. haha

      There are a couple of teachers that have been here for about 6 or 7 years but they are the exceptions. It seems like the average is about 2-3 years. :o)

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