Federal Apostille on it’s way back!

Happy news in visa-process land: the federal apostille for my cbc is showing as picked up by FedEx fairly late yesterday evening and is on the way back to me this very minute.  That means it took exactly 3 business days from the day the Department of State system showed it as officially ‘received’ until the day they shipped it back.

Also, finished my passport-style mugshot photo using the Department of State photo tool, Apache OpenOffice Draw, and some helpful tips gleaned from Wormsinthebrain in the comments section below the CNET article.

I may have taken advantage of my daughter’s good nature by getting her to retake the picture countless times, but I now have a dozen copies to use for the slew of paperwork still to come.

Note: for the white background I held a great big piece of posterboard behind my head and shoulders.  My hands and the background were just cropped out when I used the USDS photo tool.  Also, I used natural light which kept the white background from going off-color.