Checking Daegu Bank account balance

Just in case anyone has a Daegu Bank account and needs to check their balance from overseas (or…in country, as well, I suppose)…

I’m sure there are other cheap ways to go about this, but Skype averages about 10 cents for a quick balance check.

This is the basic order things will happen and as menu options are available.  Note, when the system first answers it is all in Korean.  If you speak it, great, if you don’t then go ahead and skip the long message by just pressing 7 for English.

+82 53 742 5050 (this includes the country code first)
1st menu: Press 7 for English
2nd menu: Press 3 for balance
When prompted: Enter first 6 digits of your ARC number (aka your birth date) then # sign: yymmdd #
When prompted: Enter Account number then # sign (inside front cover of bank book)
3rd menu: Press 2 for normal mode
When prompted: Enter 4-digit PIN (the one you use for your card at ATM)
System spells out your name then gives balance

Federal Apostille on it’s way back!

Happy news in visa-process land: the federal apostille for my cbc is showing as picked up by FedEx fairly late yesterday evening and is on the way back to me this very minute.  That means it took exactly 3 business days from the day the Department of State system showed it as officially ‘received’ until the day they shipped it back.

Also, finished my passport-style mugshot photo using the Department of State photo tool, Apache OpenOffice Draw, and some helpful tips gleaned from Wormsinthebrain in the comments section below the CNET article.

I may have taken advantage of my daughter’s good nature by getting her to retake the picture countless times, but I now have a dozen copies to use for the slew of paperwork still to come.

Note: for the white background I held a great big piece of posterboard behind my head and shoulders.  My hands and the background were just cropped out when I used the USDS photo tool.  Also, I used natural light which kept the white background from going off-color.

Department of State photo tool

Take your own passport photo? Department of State photo tool

If you live in a small place like I do, with close to zero professional passport photo options available, then the link above may give us a workable option (pretty sure I saw a sign at the grocery store for instant photos but…)!  My actual passport photo was taken when I lived somewhere else, but I need a recent photo for the visa application plus a number of extras so I’m looking into giving this a whirl and just seeing what I can come up with!

Update:  The link below might be helpful, as well!  Some useful info in the comments section.

Secretary of State Apostille…

Just checked the FedEx status of my documents (two notarized copies of degree) and they were delivered yesterday morning.  Phew!

But wait, there’s more…

They also shipped SOMETHING back to me the same day!  It’s out on the delivery truck heading towards me RIGHT NOW.

Is this good or bad?  Did I royally mess up somewhere along the line and they are throwing the whole mess back at me to fix?

Or did they really finish up that quickly?  That would be amazing.  =D

In the meantime, I refuse to leave the house while I wait for that shiny truck to rumble up my street.

This reminds me of a movie… and there’s a scene in it that really captures the essence of this whole process.

Preparing to teach English is South Korea is just. like. this…

UPDATE:  YES!!!  Two apostilled copies of my diploma just arrived!  I had to look up examples of what the ‘right’ documents would look like because, of course, I started worrying that I ordered the wrong thing somehow… Good grief.

Mine looks like a sheet of paper stapled over the top of my notarized copy that certifies it is a public document of my state, name of notary, the date, city of Secretary of State office, some number that I have to assume is important *^^*, the state seal (black and white) and signature of S.o.S, and a colored stamp/state seal that has been stamped across both the apostille page AND the diploma copy so that, together, they make a complete seal.

So, three days total start to finish.  Not bad.  Makes up for the Federal CBC wait time. ha.